Health and Activity Tracking

The Health and Activity Tracking (HAT) tool was removed in BizTalk Server 2009. The role of the HAT tool was to track and display information relating to live and historical message data stored in the BizTalk Tracking database. The tool allowed debugging of the flow of an orchestration and the ability to view the flow of a message through a sequential display. A Query Builder allowed standard and custom queries of the tracking data.

While the Health Activity Tracking tool is no longer invoked directly from the BizTalk Server menu, its tracking functionality still indirectly exists from within the BizTalk Server environment. Health and activity information is available through improved integration and additional tracking queries within the Group Hub page in the BizTalk Server Administration console.

A majority of documentation surrounding tracking health and activity data can be found at Viewing Tracked Message and Instance Data. Some of the information in this section includes Best Practices for Message and Instance Data Tracking, Understanding Tracked Data, Viewing Historical and Tracked Data, Viewing Message Flow, and Debugging an Orchestration.

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