Create a contact using the Office 365 Outlook Contact adapter - BizTalk Server

Use the Office 365 Outlook Contact adapter in BizTalk Server to create contacts in your Office 365 Outlook.

Create a contact using a send port

  1. In the BizTalk Server Administration console, right-click Send Ports, select New, and select Static One-way send port.

    Create a Send Port provides some guidance.

  2. Enter a Name. In Transport, set the Type to Office 365 Outlook Contact, and select Configure.

  3. Select Sign in …, and sign in to your Office 365 Account. The account is auto-populated with your email address.

  4. Allow BizTalk Server approval for permission to access:

    Office 365 Contact permissions

  5. Select Ok to save your changes.

Test the send port

You can use a simple File receive port and location to create an event on your Office 365 Outlook Contact adapter.

  1. Create a receive port using the File adapter. Within your receive location, set the Receive folder to C:\Temp\In\, and set the file mask to *.xml.

  2. In your Office 365 Outlook Contact adapter send port properties, set the Filters to BTS.ReceivePortName == <Receive Port Name>.

  3. Paste the following into a text editor, and save the file as Office365Contact.xml. This is your sample message.

        <ns0:Contact xmlns:ns0="">

    The XML schema is provided as part of the SDK inside < BizTalk Installation Folder\SDK\Schemas >

  4. Start the File receive location and the Office 365 Outlook Contact adapter send port.

  5. Copy Office365Contact.xml sample message into the receive folder (C:\Temp\In\). The send port creates a contact in your Office 365 Outlook account based on the xml.

Next steps

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