Office 365 Outlook adapters in BizTalk


Use the Office 365 Outlook adapters in BizTalk to send and receive messages between BizTalk Server and Office 365 Outlook features:


TMS overview

BizTalk TMS is a service that manages the Office 365 OAuth tokens used by BizTalk. It refreshes these tokens periodically, ensuring that the tokens always remain valid.

to Office 365

When you're creating a send port or receive location in BizTalk Administration and choose any of the Office 365 adapters, you need to Sign-in... to your Office 365 account:

Office 365 Sign in

You enter the Office 365 credentials, and confirm permissions. These credentials authorize BizTalk to connect to, and access the Office 365 account. In the following example, you see the permissions for Office 365 Outlook Calendar:

Office 365 Calendar permissions

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