Copilot in Clarity

Copilot in Clarity incorporates Generative AI through Large Language Models (LLMs) to make analytics accessible for everyone. Clarity brings the same OpenAI technology that underpins ChatGPT and the new Bing to the data on your website. The Copilot feature helps you in better understanding your business and website metrics to empower you to build better experiences for your customers. Using Copilot:

  • View simple summaries
  • Get concise takeaways on session recordings
  • Ask questions on your Google Analytics data to discover trends

Supported features


Clarity uses Generative AI models to power Copilot features. It is well-known that Generative AI models can sometimes misinterpret or generate incorrect information. Share your feedback using thumbs up/down button, if you notice any incorrect information.

  • Session Insights: Session insights help you understand the user journey across your website, without requiring you to watch time-consuming recordings, to discover the key learnings from a session replay. Clarity's Copilot generate critical session takeaways in plain language using Generative AI, allowing you to save time and be more productive.

  • Heatmaps Insights: Heatmaps insights help you more easily understand the user behaviors and trends of your website pages. Using Generative AI, Heatmap insights quickly summarizes across the different heatmaps for a specific website page, across all three devices. This way, you can uncover key learnings and save time on data analysis.

Coming soon

  • Grouped Session Insights: See session insights for multiple recordings at once. Clarity's Copilot generate critical session takeaways across multiple sessions in plain language using Generative AI, allowing you to save time and be more productive. This feature is coming soon.

  • Clarity Chat: Ask questions about your project and get results back with simple and concise summaries. Find exactly what you're looking for and go deeper into your data by using natural language querying quickly and easily through Clarity chat. This feature is coming soon.

  • Google Analytics Chat: You can also use natural language to query your Google Analytics project data and get results in simple and concise summaries. Integrate Google Analytics data with Microsoft Clarity to start using this feature. This feature is coming soon.


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