Getting Started with GA Integration


To Start using Clarity, you must finish the Setup process.

Integrating your Clarity project with Google Analytics (GA) allows Clarity to link session playbacks with your Google Analytics dashboard. Once you identify the sessions you need more information on, jump to GA Dashboard to debug and understand user pain points.

How does Clarity integration work?

Clarity will create a custom dimension called the 'Clarity Playback URL'. Data will start flowing into Google Analytics from the Clarity JavaScript you've added to your site without any more changes.


Not all sessions will have a playback URL. Clarity saves your users' bandwidth by only uploading full-fidelity playbacks for a subset of page views.

Here are the steps to integrate Google Analytics into Clarity.



You can only add one web property to integrate with Clarity at this point.

Step 1

Choose a project and navigate to the Settings tab.

Go to Setup and select Get Started under Google Analytics integration.

Getting started in Google Analytics.

Step 2

You'll be redirected to Google to sign in. Choose an account or enter an email by selecting 'Use another account' and follow the steps.

Google pop up to sign in.

Sign up for Google Analytics if you haven't already signed up.

Step 3

On the dialog box, select the web property you would like Clarity to send data.

If you see the site in the 'Site to connect' menu

Select the site from the menu and select Save. You'll be redirected to the Clarity Setup page.

If you don't see the site in the 'Site to connect' menu

Select the option to enter your site manually.

Manual setup

Google Analytics add site manually.

You would need to enter the site's details on What do you want to connect to? dialog box. The IDS differ based on Universal Analytics (UA) or Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

How to differentiate between UA and GA4?

Go to your Google Analytics account, select Admin from the left panel. In the Property column, select Property Settings. Your "UA-" ID appears at the top of the Property Settings page. If you don't see a Tracking ID, then you have a GA4 property.

Learn more about UA and GA4 and their comparing metrics.

Use the following to find out the different IDs while manually connecting:

Once you connect manually, select Continue, and you'll be redirected to the Clarity Setup page.

Deactivating the Integration

Go to Settings -> Setup -> Google Analytics integration.

Toggle the Active button if you wish to disable the GA integration temporarily.

Deactivate Google Analytics integration.

Disconnect Google Analytics Integration


Once you disconnect your project, it's removed from your Google Analytics account. You need to redo the installation process to use Clarity.

Step 1

Choose a project and navigate to the Settings tab.

Go to Setup and select Disconnect under Google Analytics integration.

Disconnecting Google Analytics integration selection.

Step 2

Confirm Disconnect on the pop-up window.

Disconnecting Google Analytics integration confirmation.


For more answers, refer to Google Analytics FAQ.

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