Troubleshooting Settings

Troubleshoot Clarity's settings using this guide:

Project management

Why am I unable to add a project?

You can add a project only if you sign up to Clarity. Check Getting Started to know more.

Why am I unable to access my project?

Assuming you've installed the Clarity tracking code correctly, follow the steps below:

Check your browser cache.

  • Check your browser cache that might be preventing you from signing in and accessing a project.

  • If you can open Clarity in a private window, then clear cache and try signing in again.

Check your project permissions.

Check with the Admin of the project if you've access to the project. Have your Admin follow these steps:

  • Open the project and navigate to the Settings tab, and then go to the Teams tab.

  • Check your email ID in the list of team members.

  • If you aren't part of the team, check how to add a team member.

Check your AAD permissions.

Despite following the above steps, if you're still unable to access a project, refer to Troubleshooting installation.

Check your sign-in authenticator.

  • Make sure you're using the right authenticator to sign in. It should be the same one you used to sign up for Clarity. To know the supported authenticators, refer to Step 2 in 'How to sign up for Clarity?'.

  • Despite using the right email, using a different authenticator won't allow you to sign in successfully.

Why is my project dashboard empty?

Make sure you've added the correct tacking code for the corresponding project. Try the following to troubleshoot:

  • Make sure you're signing in with the same authentication provider for your project.

  • Make sure your project's tracking code is in the <head> section of your page.

  • Wait for 2 hours after adding your tracking code.

  • If your page hasn't had any visitors within the past few hours, you can't see any data on your dashboard. Try visiting your page and wait for 30 minutes.

  • Disable 'Don't track' on your page. Refresh the page after a few minutes and follow the Verification steps.

Project access

How do I gain access to a project if I'm no longer a member?

Unless you verify the ownership of the website, you can't view the project details due to security and privacy concerns.

The following are verified to find if you're an owner of a site:

  • Your emailID must be listed either as a member or an admin of the project.
  • The Clarity script must be installed on your website.

If your emailID isn't registered or Clarity script isn't installed, follow the instructions below to verify your ownership:

  1. Add <meta name="clarity-site-verification" content=" bed880bc-73d3-40c7-8c29-18f4eb483514" /> to the <head> section of your site that this project is setup for.
  2. Contact us with project ID and authentication provider, once this change is deployed.
  3. If this matches, we can manually add you as the project admin.

Team management

What if a team member hasn't received the invite?

Follow these steps:

  • Make sure you've entered a valid email address in the invite.

  • If the recipient's email is of an official account, ensure that the organization's IT team allows email messages from

  • Ask the team member to check spam or bulk email folders.

Why am I unable to remove a team member?

You can remove a team member from your project only if you're an Admin of the project. Refer to Remove team members to learn more.


Contact us if the issue persists after following this troubleshooting guide.

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