Enum HierarchicalStates

Render properties that can be overridden by the HierarchicalStateOverrideComponent

enum class Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::HierarchicalStates : int32_t


Name Value Description Remarks
HierarchicalStates::None 0 No state is overridden.
HierarchicalStates::Hidden 1 The visible flag is overridden.
HierarchicalStates::Selected 2 The selected state is overridden.
HierarchicalStates::SeeThrough 4 The see-through opacity is overridden.
HierarchicalStates::UseTintColor 8 The use tint color state is overridden. This flag enables individual tint color per object. This flag enables an individual tint color per object.
HierarchicalStates::DisableCollision 16 The disable collision flag is overridden. Parts with this flag will be ignored by spatial queries.
HierarchicalStates::UseCutPlaneFilterMask 64 The use cut plane filter mask state is overridden. This flag enables individual cut plane filter masks per object. The bitmask itself is specified through HierarchicalStateOverrideComponent.CutPlaneFilterMask.
HierarchicalStates::Shell 128 Renders the scene sub-tree as a transparent shell. The effect's appearance can be globally configured using the ShellRenderingSettings state of the RenderingConnection.
HierarchicalStates::TransparencyWritesDepth 256 Forces depth writing, irrespective of the graph being rendered opaque or transparent. Affects objects rendered transparent through either HierarchicalStates.SeeThrough or transparent materials.
HierarchicalStates::UseOverrideMaterial 512 Uses a single override material for rendering the geometry. The material itself is assigned through HierarchicalStateOverrideComponent.OverrideMaterial. Point cloud geometry is not affected by this feature.
HierarchicalStates::AllValidFlags 991 Combination of all flags.

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