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List Control and List View

For convenience, MFC encapsulates the list control in two ways. You can use list controls:

  • Directly, by embedding a CListCtrl object in a dialog class.

  • Indirectly, by using class CListView.

CListView makes it easy to integrate a list control with the MFC document/view architecture, encapsulating the control much as CEditView encapsulates an edit control: the control fills the entire surface area of an MFC view. (The view is the control, cast to CListView.)

A CListView object inherits from CCtrlView and its base classes and adds a member function to retrieve the underlying list control. Use view members to work with the view as a view. Use the GetListCtrl member function to gain access to the list control's member functions. Use these members to:

  • Add, delete, or manipulate "items" in the list.

  • Set or get list control attributes.

To obtain a reference to the CListCtrl underlying a CListView, call GetListCtrl from your list view class:

CListCtrl& listCtrl = GetListCtrl();

This topic describes both ways to use the list control.

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