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Using CListCtrl

Use a list control to display any arrangement of icons with labels, as in File Explorer, or columnar lists of text, with or without icons. For a description of the four possible "views" (not to be confused with MFC views) you can have in a list control — icon view, small icon view, list view, and report view — see Views in the CListCtrl class overview.

In some views, users can drag icons to different positions or edit icon labels. For example, see the right-hand pane in File Explorer, which uses a list control in a nondialog window. You can experiment with the available views in Explorer's View menu.

For related information, see About List-View Controls in the Windows SDK.


The Windows SDK refers to list controls as "list view controls." This usage of "view" does not refer to MFC view classes, particularly CListView. For more information, see List Control and List View.

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