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Defines the class template basic_ostream, which mediates insertions for the iostreams. The header also defines several related manipulators. (This header is typically included for you by another of the iostreams headers. You rarely need to include it directly.)


#include <ostream>


Type name Description
ostream Creates a type from basic_ostream that is specialized on char and char_traits specialized on char.
wostream Creates a type from basic_ostream that is specialized on wchar_t and char_traits specialized on wchar_t.


Name Description
endl Terminates a line and flushes the buffer.
ends Terminates a string.
flush Flushes the buffer.
swap Exchanges the values of the left basic_ostream object parameter for those of the right basic_ostream object parameter.


Operator Description
operator<< Writes various types to the stream.


Class Description
basic_ostream The class template describes an object that controls insertion of elements and encoded objects into a stream buffer.

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