Returns a number rounded to the desired multiple.


MROUND(<number>, <multiple>)  


Term Definition
number The number to round.
multiple The multiple of significance to which you want to round the number.

Return value

A decimal number.


MROUND rounds up, away from zero, if the remainder of dividing number by the specified multiple is greater than or equal to half the value of multiple.

Example: Decimal Places

The following expression rounds 1.3 to the nearest multiple of .2. The expected result is 1.4.

= MROUND(1.3,0.2)  

Example: Negative Numbers

The following expression rounds -10 to the nearest multiple of -3. The expected result is -9.

= MROUND(-10,-3)  

Example: Error

The following expression returns an error, because the numbers have different signs.

= MROUND(5,-2)  

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