Defender for Endpoint onboarding Windows client devices

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To onboard Windows client devices, follow the onboarding steps in the Microsoft Defender portal (Go to Settings > Endpoints > Onboarding). You can onboard any of the supported devices. Depending on the particular device, you're guided ny appropriate steps and are provided with management and deployment tool options suitable for the device.

Devices in your organization must be configured so that the Defender for Endpoint service can get sensor data from them. There are various methods and deployment tools that you can use to configure the devices in your organization. In general, you identify the client you're onboarding, then follow the corresponding tool appropriate to the device or your environment.

Onboard devices


Repackaging the Defender for Endpoint installation package is not a supported scenario. Doing so can negatively impact the integrity of the product and lead to adverse results, including but not limited to triggering tampering alerts and updates failing to apply.


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