Improve agent productivity using Digital Contact Center Platform

Empower your agents to work smarter and faster with a modern, interactive experience that's tailored to their role. Let agents have their best day every day by helping them quickly resolve customer issues and open new revenue opportunities.

Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform enables your organization to have a focused, interactive interface that's designed to simplify your day-to-day case and knowledge management activities. Use the capabilities of Dynamics 365, Nuance Agent Coach, and Nuance Gatekeeper to enhance agent productivity. Improve agents' average handling time, reduce the hold time that they spend retrieving customer information, and empower them to resolve issues faster.

How you can increase agent productivity

With Digital Contact Center Platform, you can:

  • Give agents a 360-degree view of customers and their journey. The end-to-end case management solution not only helps agents identify cases but also routes each case to the most appropriate agent who can provide guidance and resolve the case. Learn more at Overview of case management.
  • Keep a record of customer conversations. Agents and supervisors can view transcripts as required, so that they don't miss details in the conversation. Learn more at View call recordings and transcripts.
  • Support customers in their preferred language. Real-time translation enables agents to deliver support in multiple languages while balancing the effectiveness of service delivery against the cost to deliver support. Learn more at Use real-time translation of conversations for agents and customers.
  • Use real-time similar cases and knowledge article suggestions that are customized for the current context, enabling agents to resolve customer issues and reduce average call handling time. Learn more at View AI-suggested similar cases and knowledge articles.
  • Enable agents to view and share an AI-generated summary of a conversation, so that they can easily collaborate with other agents, supervisors, and subject matter experts. Learn more at View and share auto-summarized conversations.
  • Give live agents and supervisors access to relevant real-time and historical insights, visibility into active conversations, and proactive recommendations to maximize their efficiency, improve job satisfaction, and reduce attrition. Learn more at Customer Service Insights.
  • Gain precise insights into customer engagement center performance to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and enhance customer satisfaction. Monitor success and understand agent actions through knowledge search insights.
  • Use predictive analytics.
  • Configure conversation surveys across multiple channels to help you understand what customers value and whether agents are meeting customer expectations. Learn more at Plan to create a survey.
  • Give customers seamless, safe, and personalized experiences with biometric authentication, ensuring that agents can focus on delivering great service instead of spending time verifying identity.
  • Use AI-powered voice biometrics to monitor and identify potential fraudsters and reduce the risk that's associated with fraud, increasing agent productivity.
  • Configure AI-powered chatbots that can engage with customers in multiple languages and across channels to support a range of requests, from providing simple answers to common questions to resolving issues that require complex conversations. Learn more at Overview of bots.
  • Provide live assistance to digital channel users. Customers are routed to the best-skilled agent to improve service while reducing cart abandonment.
  • Increase agent productivity with a browser-like tab experience that lets agents use the same app to work on multiple cases and conversations. Learn more at Get started with Customer Service workspace.
  • Reduce recurrent human errors and delays that occur because of a lack of guidance in real-time customer scenarios. Agent scripts help agents reduce human error and adhere to the business process, because the agents know what actions they must perform while they're engaged with a customer. Learn more at Guide agents with scripts.
  • Understand your customers' sentiments as they're experiencing them, in real time. Analysis of a customer's satisfaction level can help agents understand how serious an issue is and develop a course of action to resolve that issue as quickly as possible. Learn more at Monitor real-time customer sentiment.
  • Use AI-driven topic clustering to identify support topics that drive high assisted support response rates, and automate them through Microsoft Copilot Studio, so that agents can handle more complex issues for customers. Learn more at AI topic clustering.
  • Help agents collaborate more effectively and efficiently with other agents, supervisors, and subject matter experts through the embedded Microsoft Teams chat and intelligent case swarming. Learn more at Overview of collaboration.
  • Eliminate manual processes and reduce repetitive tasks by using UI-based automation with desktop flows. Learn more at Overview of productivity tools.

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