Personalize and safeguard engagements with Digital Contact Center Platform

In the customer service journey, one major challenge that customers face is having to go through knowledge-based authentication multiple times. Device-based verification and one-time passcode authentication methods are slow, unreliable, and prone to vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform uses the Dynamics 365 and Nuance Gatekeeper applications to provide seamless, secure biometric authentication. It also uses intelligent fraud prevention to help improve customer and agent experiences, reduce operational costs, prevent fraud, and protect your brand.

Personalize and protect customer engagements

Digital Contact Center Platform:

  • Uses the Microsoft customer data platform (CDP) to deliver personalized customer experiences. You can connect data from transactional, behavioral, and demographic data sources to create 360-degree customer views.
  • Captures and analyzes agent and customer engagements across channels to provide actionable insights into emerging patterns for both successes and failures, helping improve customer experiences.
  • Provides insights into how customers engage with agents throughout the customer service journey, and enables agents to personalize offers and recommendations.
  • Uses voice and behavioral pattern recognition to authenticate customers across all channels for a faster, more personalized and secure experience.
  • Lets you monitor and analyze a customer's behavioral and geographic information in the background of each customer engagement. Therefore, agents can deliver efficient, personal service, and fraud detection and prevention teams can effectively investigate and mitigate fraud.

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