MetricDimensionNames.TelemetryContext Class


Contains constants used to refer to metric dimensions that will be mapped to fields within the TelemetryContext attached to Application Insights metric telemetry item that represents MetricAggregate objects sent to the Application Insights cloud ingestion endpoint.

When a metric has a dimension with this a name that equals to one of the constants defined here, the value of that dimension will not be sent as a regular dimension-value, but as the value of the corresponding field within the telemetry item's TelemetryContext. Note that this applies only to metrics that belong to Application Insights components and that are sent via the Application Insights ingestion endpoint. Metrics sent via other channels are not subject to this transformation.

public static class MetricDimensionNames.TelemetryContext
type MetricDimensionNames.TelemetryContext = class
Public Class MetricDimensionNames.TelemetryContext



See details about the static class MetricDimensionNames.TelemetryContext for information about this constant.

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