ChunkingCookieManager Class


This handles cookies that are limited by per cookie length. It breaks down long cookies for responses, and reassembles them from requests.

public ref class ChunkingCookieManager : Microsoft::AspNetCore::Authentication::Cookies::ICookieManager
public class ChunkingCookieManager : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.Cookies.ICookieManager
type ChunkingCookieManager = class
    interface ICookieManager
Public Class ChunkingCookieManager
Implements ICookieManager



Initializes a new instance of ChunkingCookieManager.



The default maximum size of characters in a cookie to send back to the client.



The maximum size of cookie to send back to the client. If a cookie exceeds this size it will be broken down into multiple cookies. Set this value to null to disable this behavior. The default is 4050 characters, which is supported by all common browsers.

Note that browsers may also have limits on the total size of all cookies per domain, and on the number of cookies per domain.


Throw if not all chunks of a cookie are available on a request for re-assembly.


AppendResponseCookie(HttpContext, String, String, CookieOptions)

Appends a new response cookie to the Set-Cookie header. If the cookie is larger than the given size limit then it will be broken down into multiple cookies as follows: Set-Cookie: CookieName=chunks-3; path=/ Set-Cookie: CookieNameC1=Segment1; path=/ Set-Cookie: CookieNameC2=Segment2; path=/ Set-Cookie: CookieNameC3=Segment3; path=/

DeleteCookie(HttpContext, String, CookieOptions)

Deletes the cookie with the given key by setting an expired state. If a matching chunked cookie exists on the request, delete each chunk.

GetRequestCookie(HttpContext, String)

Get the reassembled cookie. Non chunked cookies are returned normally. Cookies with missing chunks just have their "chunks-XX" header returned.

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