IAsyncResultFilter Interface


A filter that asynchronously surrounds execution of action results successfully returned from an action.

public interface class IAsyncResultFilter : Microsoft::AspNetCore::Mvc::Filters::IFilterMetadata
public interface IAsyncResultFilter : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Filters.IFilterMetadata
type IAsyncResultFilter = interface
    interface IFilterMetadata
Public Interface IAsyncResultFilter
Implements IFilterMetadata


IResultFilter and IAsyncResultFilter implementations are executed around the action result only when the action method (or action filters) complete successfully.

IResultFilter and IAsyncResultFilter instances are not executed in cases where an authorization filter or resource filter short-circuits the request to prevent execution of the action. IResultFilter. IResultFilter and IAsyncResultFilter implementations are also not executed in cases where an exception filter handles an exception by producing an action result.

To create a result filter that surrounds the execution of all action results, implement either the IAlwaysRunResultFilter or the IAsyncAlwaysRunResultFilter interface.


OnResultExecutionAsync(ResultExecutingContext, ResultExecutionDelegate)

Called asynchronously before the action result.

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