KestrelServerLimits.MaxConcurrentUpgradedConnections Property


Gets or sets the maximum number of open, upgraded connections. When set to null, the number of upgraded connections is unlimited. An upgraded connection is one that has been switched from HTTP to another protocol, such as WebSockets.

Defaults to null.

 property Nullable<long> MaxConcurrentUpgradedConnections { Nullable<long> get(); void set(Nullable<long> value); };
public long? MaxConcurrentUpgradedConnections { get; set; }
member this.MaxConcurrentUpgradedConnections : Nullable<int64> with get, set
Public Property MaxConcurrentUpgradedConnections As Nullable(Of Long)

Property Value


When a connection is upgraded to another protocol, such as WebSockets, its connection is counted against the MaxConcurrentUpgradedConnections limit instead of MaxConcurrentConnections.

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