INodeLogger Interface


This interface defines a "parallel aware logger" in the build system. A parallel aware logger will accept a cpu count and be aware that any cpu count greater than 1 means the events will be received from the logger from each cpu as the events are logged.

public interface class INodeLogger : Microsoft::Build::Framework::ILogger
public interface INodeLogger : Microsoft.Build.Framework.ILogger
type INodeLogger = interface
    interface ILogger
Public Interface INodeLogger
Implements ILogger


A parallel aware logger accepts a CPU count. A CPU count greater than 1 means that build events are received from each CPU's logger as the events are logged.



This property holds the user-specified parameters to the logger. If parameters are not provided, a logger should revert to defaults. If a logger does not take parameters, it can ignore this property.

(Inherited from ILogger)

The verbosity level directs the amount of detail that appears in a logger's event log. Though this is only a recommendation based on user preferences, and a logger is free to choose the exact events it logs, it is still important that the guidelines for each level be followed, for a good user experience.

(Inherited from ILogger)



Called by the build engine to allow loggers to subscribe to the events they desire.

(Inherited from ILogger)
Initialize(IEventSource, Int32)

Initializes the current INodeLogger instance.


Called by the build engine to allow loggers to release any resources they may have allocated at initialization time, or during the build.

(Inherited from ILogger)

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