HttpClientConnection.DownloadFile(String, Boolean) Method


Downloads data from the resource specified by ServerURL property to a local file.

 void DownloadFile(System::String ^ fileName, bool OverwriteDestination);
public void DownloadFile (string fileName, bool OverwriteDestination);
member this.DownloadFile : string * bool -> unit
Public Sub DownloadFile (fileName As String, OverwriteDestination As Boolean)



The name of the local file into which the downloaded data is stored.


A Boolean that indicates whether to overwrite an existing file, if found. A value of true will overwrite the existing file.


The following code example shows the creation of an HttpClientConnection, sets appropriate values for the download, then calls DownloadFile. The value of the properties requires replacement with values that are valid for your application.

const string svcName = "Test_WebService";  
string wsdlFile = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() + @"\WebSvceTask_wsdl.wsdl";  

//create HTTP connection  
ConnectionManager httpConn = pkg.Connections.Add("HTTP");  
HttpClientConnection clientConn = new HttpClientConnection(httpConn.AcquireConnection(null));  
clientConn.UseProxy = true;  
clientConn.ProxyURL = @"http://yourproxy";  
clientConn.BypassProxyOnLocal = true;  
clientConn.ServerURL = yourURL;  

TaskHost th = (TaskHost)pkg.Executables.Add ("STOCK:WebServiceTask");  
WebServiceTask task = (WebServiceTask)th.InnerObject ;  

task.Connection = httpConn.Name;  
task.ServiceName = svcName;  
task.OutputType = DTSOutputType.Variable;  
task.OutputLocation = "output";  

clientConn.DownloadFile(wsdlFile, false);  
task.WsdlFile = wsdlFile;  
const String svcName = "Test_WebService"  
Dim wsdlFile As String =  Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() + "\WebSvceTask_wsdl.wsdl"   

'create HTTP connection  
Dim httpConn As ConnectionManager =  pkg.Connections.Add("HTTP")   
Dim clientConn As HttpClientConnection =  New HttpClientConnection(httpConn.AcquireConnection(Nothing))   
clientConn.UseProxy = True  
clientConn.ProxyURL = "http://yourproxy"  
clientConn.BypassProxyOnLocal = True  
clientConn.ServerURL = yourURL  

Dim th As TaskHost = CType(pkg.Executables.Add("STOCK:WebServiceTask"), TaskHost)  
Dim task As WebServiceTask = CType(th.InnerObject, WebServiceTask)  

task.Connection = httpConn.Name  
task.ServiceName = svcName  
task.OutputType = DTSOutputType.Variable  
task.OutputLocation = "output"  

clientConn.DownloadFile(wsdlFile, False)  
task.WsdlFile = wsdlFile  

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