SqlContext.TriggerContext Property


Gets the trigger context used to provide the caller with information about what caused the trigger to fire, and a map of the columns that were updated.

 static property Microsoft::SqlServer::Server::SqlTriggerContext ^ TriggerContext { Microsoft::SqlServer::Server::SqlTriggerContext ^ get(); };
public static Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlTriggerContext TriggerContext { get; }
static member TriggerContext : Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlTriggerContext
Public Shared ReadOnly Property TriggerContext As SqlTriggerContext

Property Value

An instance of SqlTriggerContext if a trigger context is available, or null if called outside of a trigger invocation.


The SqlTriggerContext object can only be retrieved from within a common language runtime trigger.

If the TriggerContext property is accessed from outside of SQL Server, a NotSupportedException is thrown.

This property is read-only.

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