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VsDockStyle Enum


Defines constants for tool window orientation.

public enum class VsDockStyle
public enum class VsDockStyle
enum VsDockStyle
public enum VsDockStyle
type VsDockStyle = 
Public Enum VsDockStyle


AlwaysFloat 5

If the VsDockStyle value is AlwaysFloat, the tool window cannot be docked.

Float 2

If the VsDockStyle value is Float, the tool window will float initially, but when the title bar is double-clicked, Orientation and Window apply, and the window will default to Tabbed.

Linked 3

If the VsDockStyle value is Linked, Orientation can be Left, Right, Top, or Bottom.


If the VsDockStyle value is MDI, the tool window will be linked to the multiple-document interface (MDI) area, and Window is ignored.

none 0

The registration attribute ProvideToolWindowAttribute initializes to this value if no style is specified.

Tabbed 4

If the VsDockStyle value is Tabbed, Orientation can be Left or Right and tab placement can be specified.


The attribute ProvideToolWindowAttribute, applied to your Microsoft.VisualStudio.Package-derived class and specifying that the tool window should always float, resembles the following code.

// MyToolWindow is the class that implements the tool window.  
[Microsoft.VisualStudio.Package.ProvideToolWindowAttribute(typeof(MyToolWindow),Style= Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.VsDockStyle.AlwaysFloat)]  


The orientation of a tool window is the position in which the tool window docks when the title bar is double-clicked. This position is relative to the tool window that is specified in the Window keyword of the ProvideToolWindowAttribute attribute. For an example of ProvideToolWindowAttribute, see ToolWindowOrientation.


You cannot specify that a tool window is docked by default. However, you can specify that it will dock when its title bar is double-clicked.

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