ArrayList.Adapter(IList) Method


Creates an ArrayList wrapper for a specific IList.

 static System::Collections::ArrayList ^ Adapter(System::Collections::IList ^ list);
public static System.Collections.ArrayList Adapter (System.Collections.IList list);
static member Adapter : System.Collections.IList -> System.Collections.ArrayList
Public Shared Function Adapter (list As IList) As ArrayList



The IList to wrap.


The ArrayList wrapper around the IList.


list is null.


Adapter does not copy the contents of IList. Instead, it only creates an ArrayList wrapper around IList; therefore, changes to the IList also affect the ArrayList.

The ArrayList class provides generic Reverse, BinarySearch and Sort methods. This wrapper can be a means to use those methods on IList; however, performing these generic operations through the wrapper might be less efficient than operations applied directly on the IList.

This method is an O(1) operation.

Version Compatibility

In the .NET Framework version 1.0 and 1.1, calling the GetEnumerator(Int32, Int32) method overload on the ArrayList wrapper returned an enumerator that treated the second argument as an upper bound rather than as a count. In the .NET Framework 2.0 the second argument is correctly treated as a count.

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