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Configuration.Sections Property


Gets a collection of the sections defined by this Configuration object.

 property System::Configuration::ConfigurationSectionCollection ^ Sections { System::Configuration::ConfigurationSectionCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Configuration.ConfigurationSectionCollection Sections { get; }
member this.Sections : System.Configuration.ConfigurationSectionCollection
Public ReadOnly Property Sections As ConfigurationSectionCollection

Property Value

A collection of the sections defined by this Configuration object.


The following example shows how to retrieve the Sections property value and to display the number of the sections in the collection.

    sections = config.Sections;
Console.WriteLine("Sections: {0}", sections.Count.ToString());
Dim sections As ConfigurationSectionCollection = config.Sections
Console.WriteLine("Sections: {0}", sections.Count.ToString())


Access the Sections property to retrieve a ConfigurationSectionCollection object representing the collection of sections for this Configuration object. If this Configuration object represents a merged configuration, the merged list of sections will be returned.

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