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DataRowCollection.Remove(DataRow) Method


Removes the specified DataRow from the collection.

 void Remove(System::Data::DataRow ^ row);
public void Remove (System.Data.DataRow row);
member this.Remove : System.Data.DataRow -> unit
Public Sub Remove (row As DataRow)



The DataRow to remove.


The following example uses the Remove method to delete a found row in a DataRowCollection object. The example first uses the Contains method to determine whether the rows collection contains a row. If it does, the Find method is used to find the specific row, and the Remove method is then used to remove the row.

Private Sub RemoveFoundRow(ByVal table As DataTable)
    Dim rowCollection As DataRowCollection = table.Rows

    ' Test to see if the collection contains the value.
    If rowCollection.Contains(TextBox1.Text) Then
        Dim foundRow As DataRow = rowCollection.Find(TextBox1.Text)
        Console.WriteLine("Row Deleted")
        Console.WriteLine("No such row found.")
    End If
 End Sub


When a row is removed, all data in that row is lost. You can also call the Delete method of the DataRow class to just mark a row for removal. Calling Remove is the same as calling Delete and then calling AcceptChanges.

Remove should not be called in a foreach loop while iterating through a DataRowCollection object. Remove modifies the state of the collection.

You can also use the Clear method to remove all members of the collection at one time.

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