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RelatedEnd.IsLoaded Property


Gets a value that indicates whether all related objects have been loaded.

 property bool IsLoaded { bool get(); };
public bool IsLoaded { get; }
member this.IsLoaded : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsLoaded As Boolean

Property Value

true if the related end contains all the related objects from the database; otherwise, false.



Calling the Load method sets the IsLoaded flag to true.

Calling the Clear method on an EntityCollection<TEntity> sets IsLoaded to false.

An EntityCollection<TEntity> or EntityReference<TEntity> may also be loaded if the related end is included in the query path. For more information about span, see Loading Related Objects.

The Load method on EntityCollection<TEntity> and EntityReference<TEntity> loads related objects from the data source whether or not IsLoaded is true.

When an object is detached, the IsLoaded flag is changed from false to true.

To guarantee that a related end is fully loaded before doing processing, you should check whether IsLoaded is false. If IsLoaded is false, you should call the Load method.

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