Debugger.NotifyOfCrossThreadDependency Method


Notifies a debugger that execution is about to enter a path that involves a cross-thread dependency.

 static void NotifyOfCrossThreadDependency();
public static void NotifyOfCrossThreadDependency ();
public static void NotifyOfCrossThreadDependency ();
static member NotifyOfCrossThreadDependency : unit -> unit
static member NotifyOfCrossThreadDependency : unit -> unit
Public Shared Sub NotifyOfCrossThreadDependency ()


Debuggers must specifically enable callbacks that they wish to receive. A debugger that wants to receive cross-thread dependency callbacks must call the ICorDebugProcess3::SetEnableCustomNotification method.

A debugger that has selected NotifyOfCrossThreadDependency can take appropriate action upon notification. For example, performing a function evaluation typically requires freezing all threads except for the thread that is performing the evaluation. If the function evaluation requires execution on more than one thread, as might occur in remoting scenarios, the evaluation will block. The NotifyOfCrossThreadDependency notification informs the debugger that it has to release a thread or abort the function evaluation. The notification is subject to collection after this method returns.

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