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Process.ProcessName Property


Gets the name of the process.

 property System::String ^ ProcessName { System::String ^ get(); };
public string ProcessName { get; }
member this.ProcessName : string
Public ReadOnly Property ProcessName As String

Property Value

The name that the system uses to identify the process to the user.


The process does not have an identifier, or no process is associated with the Process.


The associated process has exited.

The process is not on this computer.


The ProcessName property holds an executable file name, such as Outlook, that does not include the .exe extension or the path. It is helpful for getting and manipulating all the processes that are associated with the same executable file.


On Windows 2000 operating systems, the ProcessName property may be truncated to 15 characters if the process module information cannot be obtained.

You can call GetProcessesByName, passing it an executable file name, to retrieve an array that contains every running instance on the specified computer. You can use this array, for example, to shut down all the running instances of the executable file.

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