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DirectoryEntry.Properties Property


Gets the Active Directory Domain Services properties for this DirectoryEntry object.

 property System::DirectoryServices::PropertyCollection ^ Properties { System::DirectoryServices::PropertyCollection ^ get(); };
public System.DirectoryServices.PropertyCollection Properties { get; }
public System.DirectoryServices.PropertyCollection Properties { get; }
member this.Properties : System.DirectoryServices.PropertyCollection
member this.Properties : System.DirectoryServices.PropertyCollection
Public ReadOnly Property Properties As PropertyCollection

Property Value

A PropertyCollection object that contains the properties that are set on this entry.



If the property is not initialized, Properties calls the ADSI interface IADs::Get method to retrieve the value from the cache. If the underling cache has not been loaded, IADs::Get implicitly calls IADs::GetInfo. This method loads the values of the supported properties that have not been set in the cache from the underlying directory store. Subsequent calls to Properties retrieves the property values in the cache only. To control property cache loading, call RefreshCache.

Note The Properties property is not supported for use with the Active Directory Client Extension (DSClient) for Windows NT 4.0.

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