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Font.Height Property


Gets the line spacing of this font.

 property int Height { int get(); };
public int Height { get; }
member this.Height : int
Public ReadOnly Property Height As Integer

Property Value

The line spacing, in pixels, of this font.



The line spacing is the vertical distance between the base lines of two consecutive lines of text. Thus, the line spacing includes the blank space between lines along with the height of the character itself.

If the Unit property of the font is set to anything other than GraphicsUnit.Pixel, the height (in pixels) is calculated using the vertical resolution of the screen display. For example, suppose the font unit is inches and the font size is 0.3. Also suppose that for the corresponding font family, the em-height is 2048 and the line spacing is 2355. For a screen display that has a vertical resolution of 96 dots per inch, you can calculate the height as follows:

2355*(0.3/2048)*96 = 33.11719

The value returned by the GetHeight method would be 33.11719, and the value returned by the Height property would be 34. The Height property is the value returned by GetHeight, rounded up to the nearest integer.

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