ImageAttributes.GetAdjustedPalette(ColorPalette, ColorAdjustType) Method


Adjusts the colors in a palette according to the adjustment settings of a specified category.

 void GetAdjustedPalette(System::Drawing::Imaging::ColorPalette ^ palette, System::Drawing::Imaging::ColorAdjustType type);
public void GetAdjustedPalette (System.Drawing.Imaging.ColorPalette palette, System.Drawing.Imaging.ColorAdjustType type);
member this.GetAdjustedPalette : System.Drawing.Imaging.ColorPalette * System.Drawing.Imaging.ColorAdjustType -> unit
Public Sub GetAdjustedPalette (palette As ColorPalette, type As ColorAdjustType)



A ColorPalette that on input contains the palette to be adjusted, and on output contains the adjusted palette.


An element of ColorAdjustType that specifies the category whose adjustment settings will be applied to the palette.


An ImageAttributes object maintains color and grayscale settings for five adjustment categories: default, bitmap, brush, pen, and text. For example, you can specify a color-remap table for the default category, a different color-remap table for the bitmap category, and still a different color-remap table for the pen category.

When you call the GetAdjustedPalette method, you can specify the adjustment category that is used to adjust the palette colors. For example, if you pass Bitmap to the GetAdjustedPalette method, the adjustment settings of the bitmap category are used to adjust the palette colors.

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