HealthEvent.LastErrorTransitionAt Property


If the current HealthState is Error, returns the time at which the health report was first reported with Error. For periodic reporting, many reports with the same state may have been generated.

If the current HealthState is Ok or Warning, returns the time at which the health state was last in Error, before transitioning to a different state. If the HealthState has never been Error, the value will be System.DateTime.FromFileTimeUtc(0).

public DateTime LastErrorTransitionAt { get; }
member this.LastErrorTransitionAt : DateTime
Public ReadOnly Property LastErrorTransitionAt As DateTime

Property Value


Returns DateTime representing the last transition time (UTC) involving Error.


The transition fields, LastOkTransitionAt, LastWarningTransitionAt, LastErrorTransitionAt give the history of the health state transitions for the event. They can be used for smarter alerts or "historical" health event information. They enable scenarios such as:

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