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IAsyncResult.CompletedSynchronously Property


Gets a value that indicates whether the asynchronous operation completed synchronously.

 property bool CompletedSynchronously { bool get(); };
public bool CompletedSynchronously { get; }
member this.CompletedSynchronously : bool
Public ReadOnly Property CompletedSynchronously As Boolean

Property Value

true if the asynchronous operation completed synchronously; otherwise, false.


If the synchronous completion of the call is detected in the AsyncCallback delegate, it is probable that the thread that initiated the asynchronous operation is the current thread.

Notes to Implementers

Most implementers of the IAsyncResult interface will not use this property and should return false. Beginning with the .NET Framework 4.5, a task that is created with the FromAsync(IAsyncResult, Action<IAsyncResult>, TaskCreationOptions) method will not complete if this property is not implemented correctly. See Application Compatibility in 4.5.

Notes to Callers

Use this property to determine if the asynchronous operation completed synchronously. For example, this property can return true for an asynchronous I/O operation if the I/O request was small.

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