System.IdentityModel.Claims Namespace

Contains classes that implement the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) claims-based identity authorization model. This model includes the Claim class and the ClaimSet class.

Beginning with .NET Framework 4.5 and the integration of Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) into the .NET Framework, the WCF claims-based identity model has been superseded by WIF. WIF provides a claims-based identity object model that can be used to provide authentication and authorization across several Microsoft product stacks, including the CLR, WCF, and ASP.NET. The WIF classes that represent claims, claim types, and identities and principals that are based on claims are contained in the System.Security.Claims namespace. Beginning with .NET 4.5, these classes should be used instead of those in the System.IdentityModel.Claims namespace.



Represents a claim that is associated with an entity.


Represents the collection of claims that are associated with an entity.


Represents the pre-defined types of claims that an entity can claim. This class cannot be inherited.


Provides a default implementation of the ClaimSet class.


Defines the pre-defined types of rights that can be associated with a Claim object.


Represents a collection of Windows claims that are associated with an entity.


Represents a collection of claims extracted from an X.509 certificate that are associated with an entity.