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AuthorizationContext.ExpirationTime Property


Gets the date and time at which this AuthorizationContext object is no longer valid.

 abstract property DateTime ExpirationTime { DateTime get(); };
public abstract DateTime ExpirationTime { get; }
member this.ExpirationTime : DateTime
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property ExpirationTime As DateTime

Property Value

A DateTime value that indicates the date and time when this AuthorizationContext object is no longer valid.


The ExpirationTime property is in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).


The service model in WCF does not check the value of the ExpirationTime property. This property is set by WCF using the ValidTo property of the security token on which the authorization context is based. The ValidTo property is checked by WCF, however. The authorization context's expiration time is meant for scenarios such as an authorization policy which has to take some action upon expiration.

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