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Lazy<T>.IsValueCreated Property


Gets a value that indicates whether a value has been created for this Lazy<T> instance.

 property bool IsValueCreated { bool get(); };
public bool IsValueCreated { get; }
member this.IsValueCreated : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsValueCreated As Boolean

Property Value

true if a value has been created for this Lazy<T> instance; otherwise, false.


When lazy initialization occurs for a Lazy<T> instance, it may result in either a value being created or an exception being thrown. If an exception is thrown, subsequent behavior of the Lazy<T> instance depends on whether exception caching is in effect. If the Lazy<T> instance was created by using a constructor that does not specify an initialization function, then exception caching is not in effect. A subsequent attempt to initialize the Lazy<T> might succeed, and after successful initialization the IsValueCreated property returns true. If the Lazy<T> instance was created with an initialization function (specified by the valueFactory parameter of the Lazy<T> constructor), then exception caching is controlled by the thread safety mode.

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