MessageQueue.InfiniteTimeout Field


Specifies that no time-out exists for methods that peek or receive messages.

public: static initonly TimeSpan InfiniteTimeout;
public static readonly TimeSpan InfiniteTimeout;
 staticval mutable InfiniteTimeout : TimeSpan
Public Shared ReadOnly InfiniteTimeout As TimeSpan 

Field Value



The following code example demonstrates the use of the InfiniteTimeout member.

// Create a new message.
Message msg = new Message();

// Set the message's TimeToReachQueue property to
// MessageQueue.InfiniteTimeout.
msg.TimeToReachQueue = MessageQueue.InfiniteTimeout;

// Display the new value of the message's TimeToReachQueue property.
Console.WriteLine("Message.TimeToReachQueue: {0}",


MessageQueue supports two types of message retrieval: synchronous and asynchronous. The synchronous methods, Peek and Receive, cause the process thread to wait a specified time interval for a new message to arrive in the queue. If the specified time interval is InfiniteTimeout, the process thread remains blocked until a new message is available. On the other hand, BeginPeek and BeginReceive (the asynchronous methods), allow the main application tasks to continue in a separate thread until a message arrives in the queue.

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