MessageQueueInstaller.CopyFromComponent(IComponent) Method


Copies the property values of a MessageQueue component that are required at install time for a message queue.

 override void CopyFromComponent(System::ComponentModel::IComponent ^ component);
public override void CopyFromComponent (System.ComponentModel.IComponent component);
override this.CopyFromComponent : System.ComponentModel.IComponent -> unit
Public Overrides Sub CopyFromComponent (component As IComponent)



A IComponent to use as a template for the MessageQueueInstaller.


The component associated with this MessageQueueInstaller is not a MessageQueue.


Typically, you do not call the methods of the MessageQueueInstaller from within your code; they are generally called only by the installutil.exe installation utility. CopyFromComponent is used by the installation utility to set the property values for the MessageQueueInstaller to the values of an existing MessageQueue.

If the Path of the MessageQueue that is passed in is an empty string (""), you must set the Path property to a non-empty value before the installer executes.

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