DelegatingHandler.InnerHandler Property


Gets or sets the inner handler which processes the HTTP response messages.

 property System::Net::Http::HttpMessageHandler ^ InnerHandler { System::Net::Http::HttpMessageHandler ^ get(); void set(System::Net::Http::HttpMessageHandler ^ value); };
public System.Net.Http.HttpMessageHandler InnerHandler { get; set; }
public System.Net.Http.HttpMessageHandler? InnerHandler { get; set; }
member this.InnerHandler : System.Net.Http.HttpMessageHandler with get, set
Public Property InnerHandler As HttpMessageHandler

Property Value

The inner handler for HTTP response messages.


This InnerHandler property can only be set before the class is used (the SendAsync method is called).

Note that InnerHandler property may be a delegating handler too, although this is uncommon. This approach allows the creation of handler stacks for the HTTP response messages.

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