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HttpClient.Dispose(Boolean) Method


Releases the unmanaged resources used by the HttpClient and optionally disposes of the managed resources.

 override void Dispose(bool disposing);
protected override void Dispose (bool disposing);
override this.Dispose : bool -> unit
Protected Overrides Sub Dispose (disposing As Boolean)



true to release both managed and unmanaged resources; false to releases only unmanaged resources.


This method is called by the public Dispose() method and the Finalize() method, if it has been overridden. Dispose() invokes this method with the disposing parameter set to true. Finalize invokes this method with disposing set to false.

When the disposing parameter is true, this method releases all resources held by any managed objects that this HttpClient references. This method invokes the Dispose() method of each referenced object.

When this method is called, the CancelPendingRequests method is called to abort all pending requests.

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