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HttpListenerRequest.IsLocal Property


Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the request is sent from the local computer.

 property bool IsLocal { bool get(); };
public bool IsLocal { get; }
public bool IsLocal { get; }
member this.IsLocal : bool
member this.IsLocal : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsLocal As Boolean

Property Value

true if the request originated on the same computer as the HttpListener object that provided the request; otherwise, false.



The following code example demonstrates using the IsLocal property.

public static void ShowRequestProperties2 (HttpListenerRequest request)
    Console.WriteLine("KeepAlive: {0}", request.KeepAlive);
    Console.WriteLine("Local end point: {0}", request.LocalEndPoint.ToString());
    Console.WriteLine("Remote end point: {0}", request.RemoteEndPoint.ToString());
    Console.WriteLine("Is local? {0}", request.IsLocal);
    Console.WriteLine("HTTP method: {0}", request.HttpMethod);
    Console.WriteLine("Protocol version: {0}", request.ProtocolVersion);
    Console.WriteLine("Is authenticated: {0}", request.IsAuthenticated);
    Console.WriteLine("Is secure: {0}", request.IsSecureConnection);
Public Shared Sub ShowRequestProperties2(ByVal request As HttpListenerRequest)
    Console.WriteLine("KeepAlive: {0}", request.KeepAlive)
    Console.WriteLine("Local end point: {0}", request.LocalEndPoint.ToString())
    Console.WriteLine("Remote end point: {0}", request.RemoteEndPoint.ToString())
    Console.WriteLine("Is local? {0}", request.IsLocal)
    Console.WriteLine("HTTP method: {0}", request.HttpMethod)
    Console.WriteLine("Protocol version: {0}", request.ProtocolVersion)
    Console.WriteLine("Is authenticated: {0}", request.IsAuthenticated)
    Console.WriteLine("Is secure: {0}", request.IsSecureConnection)
End Sub


Applications can use this property to perform special processing when requests are from the local computer.

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