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AuthenticatedStream.IsMutuallyAuthenticated Property


Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether both server and client have been authenticated.

 abstract property bool IsMutuallyAuthenticated { bool get(); };
public abstract bool IsMutuallyAuthenticated { get; }
member this.IsMutuallyAuthenticated : bool
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property IsMutuallyAuthenticated As Boolean

Property Value

true if the client and server have been authenticated; otherwise, false.


The following example demonstrates displaying the value of this property.

// The following class displays the properties of an authenticatedStream.
public ref class AuthenticatedStreamReporter
   static void DisplayProperties( AuthenticatedStream^ stream )
      Console::WriteLine( L"IsAuthenticated: {0}", stream->IsAuthenticated );
      Console::WriteLine( L"IsMutuallyAuthenticated: {0}", stream->IsMutuallyAuthenticated );
      Console::WriteLine( L"IsEncrypted: {0}", stream->IsEncrypted );
      Console::WriteLine( L"IsSigned: {0}", stream->IsSigned );
      Console::WriteLine( L"IsServer: {0}", stream->IsServer );

// The following class displays the properties of an authenticatedStream.
public class AuthenticatedStreamReporter
    public static void DisplayProperties(AuthenticatedStream stream)
        Console.WriteLine("IsAuthenticated: {0}", stream.IsAuthenticated);
        Console.WriteLine("IsMutuallyAuthenticated: {0}", stream.IsMutuallyAuthenticated);
        Console.WriteLine("IsEncrypted: {0}", stream.IsEncrypted);
        Console.WriteLine("IsSigned: {0}", stream.IsSigned);
        Console.WriteLine("IsServer: {0}", stream.IsServer);
' The following class displays the properties of an AuthenticatedStream.
Public Class AuthenticatedStreamReporter
    Public Shared Sub DisplayProperties(stream As AuthenticatedStream)
        Console.WriteLine("IsAuthenticated: {0}", stream.IsAuthenticated)
        Console.WriteLine("IsMutuallyAuthenticated: {0}", stream.IsMutuallyAuthenticated)
        Console.WriteLine("IsEncrypted: {0}", stream.IsEncrypted)
        Console.WriteLine("IsSigned: {0}", stream.IsSigned)
        Console.WriteLine("IsServer: {0}", stream.IsServer)
    End Sub
End Class


Not all security protocols support mutual authentication. To determine whether mutual authentication is supported by the security protocol implemented in a class that inherits from AuthenticatedStream, check the class documentation.

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