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ServicePoint.BindIPEndPointDelegate Property


Specifies the delegate to associate a local IPEndPoint with a ServicePoint.

 property System::Net::BindIPEndPoint ^ BindIPEndPointDelegate { System::Net::BindIPEndPoint ^ get(); void set(System::Net::BindIPEndPoint ^ value); };
public System.Net.BindIPEndPoint? BindIPEndPointDelegate { get; set; }
public System.Net.BindIPEndPoint BindIPEndPointDelegate { get; set; }
member this.BindIPEndPointDelegate : System.Net.BindIPEndPoint with get, set
Public Property BindIPEndPointDelegate As BindIPEndPoint

Property Value

A delegate that forces a ServicePoint to use a particular local Internet Protocol (IP) address and port number. The default value is null.



WebRequest, HttpWebRequest, ServicePoint, and WebClient are obsolete, and you shouldn't use them for new development. Use HttpClient instead.

Some load balancing techniques require a client to use a specific local IP address and port number, rather than IPAddress.Any (or IPAddress.IPv6Any for Internet Protocol Version 6) and an ephemeral port. Your BindIPEndPointDelegate can satisfy this requirement.

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