ProtocolFamily Enum


Specifies the type of protocol that an instance of the Socket class can use.

public enum class ProtocolFamily
public enum ProtocolFamily
type ProtocolFamily = 
Public Enum ProtocolFamily


AppleTalk 16

AppleTalk protocol.

Atm 22

Native ATM services protocol.

Banyan 21

Banyan protocol.

Ccitt 10

CCITT protocol, such as X.25.

Chaos 5

MIT CHAOS protocol.

Cluster 24

Microsoft Cluster products protocol.

ControllerAreaNetwork 65537

Controller Area Network protocol.

DataKit 9

DataKit protocol.


Direct data link protocol.

DecNet 12

DECNet protocol.

Ecma 8

European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) protocol.

FireFox 19

FireFox protocol.

HyperChannel 15

NSC HyperChannel protocol.

Ieee12844 25

IEEE 1284.4 workgroup protocol.


ARPANET IMP protocol.

InterNetwork 2

IP version 4 protocol.

InterNetworkV6 23

IP version 6 protocol.

Ipx 6

IPX or SPX protocol.

Irda 26

IrDA protocol.

Iso 7

ISO protocol.

Lat 14

LAT protocol.

Max 29

MAX protocol.

NetBios 17

NetBIOS protocol.

NetworkDesigners 28

Network Designers OSI gateway enabled protocol.

NS 6

Xerox NS protocol.

Osi 7

OSI protocol.

Packet 65536

Low-level Packet protocol.

Pup 4

PUP protocol.

Sna 11

IBM SNA protocol.

Unix 1

Unix local to host protocol.

Unknown -1

Unknown protocol.

Unspecified 0

Unspecified protocol.

VoiceView 18

VoiceView protocol.


The ProtocolFamily enumeration specifies the protocol scheme that is used by the Socket class to resolve an address. For example, InterNetwork indicates that the IP version 4 protocol is expected when a Socket connects to an endpoint.

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