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SocketAsyncOperation Enum


The type of asynchronous socket operation most recently performed with this context object.

public enum class SocketAsyncOperation
public enum SocketAsyncOperation
type SocketAsyncOperation = 
Public Enum SocketAsyncOperation


Accept 1

A socket Accept operation.

Connect 2

A socket Connect operation.

Disconnect 3

A socket Disconnect operation.

None 0

None of the socket operations.

Receive 4

A socket Receive operation.

ReceiveFrom 5

A socket ReceiveFrom operation.

ReceiveMessageFrom 6

A socket ReceiveMessageFrom operation.

Send 7

A socket Send operation.

SendPackets 8

A socket SendPackets operation.

SendTo 9

A socket SendTo operation.


This type describes the asynchronous socket operation that was most recently completed using a System.Net.Sockets.SocketAsyncEventArgs object. The value of the SocketAsyncEventArgs.LastOperation property is set to None until the System.Net.Sockets.SocketAsyncEventArgs instance is used to begin an asynchronous socket operation. The property will then be set to the type of asynchronous operation being performed. This type more easily facilitates using a single completion callback delegate for multiple kinds of asynchronous socket operations. This type is intended for use in the SocketAsyncCallback completion routine.

The SocketAsyncOperation type is used by the SocketAsyncEventArgs.LastOperation property.

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