PropertyInfo.GetOptionalCustomModifiers Method


Returns an array of types representing the optional custom modifiers of the property.

 virtual cli::array <Type ^> ^ GetOptionalCustomModifiers();
public virtual Type[] GetOptionalCustomModifiers ();
abstract member GetOptionalCustomModifiers : unit -> Type[]
override this.GetOptionalCustomModifiers : unit -> Type[]
Public Overridable Function GetOptionalCustomModifiers () As Type()



An array of Type objects that identify the optional custom modifiers of the current property, such as IsConst or IsImplicitlyDereferenced.


The GetOptionalCustomModifiers and GetRequiredCustomModifiers methods are provided for designers of managed compilers. For more information on custom modifiers, see IsBoxed and related classes in the System.Runtime.CompilerServices namespace. Also see the metadata specification in Partition II of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) specification.

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