ObjectCache.NoSlidingExpiration Field


Indicates that a cache entry has no sliding expiration time.

public: static initonly TimeSpan NoSlidingExpiration;
public static readonly TimeSpan NoSlidingExpiration;
 staticval mutable NoSlidingExpiration : TimeSpan
Public Shared ReadOnly NoSlidingExpiration As TimeSpan 

Field Value


Expiration that is based on duration or a defined window of time is also referred to as sliding expiration. Normally, a cache implementation that evicts items that are based on sliding expiration will remove an item that has not been accessed in the specified window of time.

A cache entry that is inserted into the cache with the NoSlidingExpiration field value set as the expiration value should never be evicted because of non-activity in a sliding time window. However, a cache item can be evicted if it has an absolute expiration, or if some other eviction event occurs, such a change monitor or memory pressure.

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