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IChannelInfo Interface


Provides custom channel information that is carried along with the ObjRef.

public interface class IChannelInfo
public interface IChannelInfo
public interface IChannelInfo
type IChannelInfo = interface
type IChannelInfo = interface
Public Interface IChannelInfo


This interface is implemented by the ObjRef.ChannelInfo property. It provides access to transport specific information contributed by the channels that are able to receive calls in the process or application domain where the object lives. This interface might also be used when building custom ObjRef classes.

When an existing object instance is marshaled to produce a ObjRef, the ChannelData is copied from the channel (see IChannelReceiver) for each registered channel and stored in the ObjRef. When the ObjRef is unmarshaled at its destination, the ChannelData provided through the IChannelInfo interface can be examined and used by corresponding channels in that process or application domain to create a transport message sink that manages the communication between the proxy and the server object.



Gets or sets the channel data for each channel.

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