IRemotingTypeInfo Interface


Provides type information for an object.

public interface class IRemotingTypeInfo
public interface IRemotingTypeInfo
public interface IRemotingTypeInfo
type IRemotingTypeInfo = interface
type IRemotingTypeInfo = interface
Public Interface IRemotingTypeInfo


ObjRef^ objRefSample = RemotingServices::GetObjRefForProxy( myRemoteObject );
Console::WriteLine( "***ObjRef Details***" );
Console::WriteLine( "URI:\t {0}", objRefSample->URI );
array<Object^>^channelData = objRefSample->ChannelInfo->ChannelData;
Console::WriteLine( "Channel Info:" );
for each(Object^ o in channelData)
   Console::WriteLine("\t{0}", o->ToString());
IEnvoyInfo^ envoyInfo = objRefSample->EnvoyInfo;
if ( envoyInfo == nullptr )
   Console::WriteLine( "This ObjRef does not have envoy information." );
   IMessageSink^ envoySinks = envoyInfo->EnvoySinks;
   Console::WriteLine( "Envoy Sink Class: {0}", envoySinks );
IRemotingTypeInfo^ typeInfo = objRefSample->TypeInfo;
Console::WriteLine( "Remote type name: {0}", typeInfo->TypeName );
Console::WriteLine( "Can my Object cast to a Bitmap? {0}", typeInfo->CanCastTo( System::Drawing::Bitmap::typeid, objRefSample ) );
Console::WriteLine( "Is this Object from this AppDomain? {0}", objRefSample->IsFromThisAppDomain() );
Console::WriteLine( "Is this Object from this process? {0}", objRefSample->IsFromThisProcess() );
ObjRef objRefSample = RemotingServices.GetObjRefForProxy(myRemoteObject);
Console.WriteLine("***ObjRef Details***");
Console.WriteLine("URI:\t{0}", objRefSample.URI);
object[] channelData = objRefSample.ChannelInfo.ChannelData;
Console.WriteLine("Channel Info:");
foreach(object o in channelData)
    Console.WriteLine("\t{0}", o.ToString());
IEnvoyInfo envoyInfo = objRefSample.EnvoyInfo;
if (envoyInfo == null) {
    Console.WriteLine("This ObjRef does not have envoy information.");
else {
    IMessageSink envoySinks = envoyInfo.EnvoySinks;
    Console.WriteLine("Envoy Sink Class: {0}", envoySinks);
IRemotingTypeInfo typeInfo = objRefSample.TypeInfo;
Console.WriteLine("Remote type name: {0}", typeInfo.TypeName);
Console.WriteLine("Can my object cast to a Bitmap? {0}",
    typeInfo.CanCastTo(typeof(System.Drawing.Bitmap), objRefSample));
Console.WriteLine("Is this object from this AppDomain? {0}", objRefSample.IsFromThisAppDomain());
Console.WriteLine("Is this object from this process? {0}",  objRefSample.IsFromThisProcess());
Dim objRefSample As ObjRef = RemotingServices.GetObjRefForProxy(myRemoteObject)
Console.WriteLine("***ObjRef Details***")
Console.WriteLine("URI:" + ControlChars.Tab + "{0}", objRefSample.URI)
Dim channelData As Object() = objRefSample.ChannelInfo.ChannelData
Console.WriteLine("Channel Info:")
Dim o As Object
For Each o In  channelData
   Console.WriteLine(ControlChars.Tab + "{0}", o.ToString())
Next o
Dim envoyInfo As IEnvoyInfo = objRefSample.EnvoyInfo
If envoyInfo Is Nothing Then
   Console.WriteLine("This ObjRef does not have envoy information.")
   Dim envoySinks As IMessageSink = envoyInfo.EnvoySinks
   Console.WriteLine("Envoy Sink Class: {0}", envoySinks)
End If
Dim typeInfo As IRemotingTypeInfo = objRefSample.TypeInfo
Console.WriteLine("Remote type name: {0}", typeInfo.TypeName)
Console.WriteLine("Can my object cast to a Bitmap? {0}", typeInfo.CanCastTo(GetType(System.Drawing.Bitmap), objRefSample))
Console.WriteLine("Is this object from this AppDomain? {0}", objRefSample.IsFromThisAppDomain())
Console.WriteLine("Is this object from this process? {0}", objRefSample.IsFromThisProcess())


Use this interface to provide custom type information that is carried along with the ObjRef objects.



Gets or sets the fully qualified type name of the server object in a ObjRef.


CanCastTo(Type, Object)

Checks whether the proxy that represents the specified object type can be cast to the type represented by the IRemotingTypeInfo interface.

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