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AsymmetricAlgorithm.ImportPkcs8PrivateKey Method


When overriden in a derived class, imports the public/private keypair from a PKCS#8 PrivateKeyInfo structure after decryption, replacing the keys for this object.

 virtual void ImportPkcs8PrivateKey(ReadOnlySpan<System::Byte> source, [Runtime::InteropServices::Out] int % bytesRead);
public virtual void ImportPkcs8PrivateKey (ReadOnlySpan<byte> source, out int bytesRead);
abstract member ImportPkcs8PrivateKey : ReadOnlySpan<byte> * int -> unit
override this.ImportPkcs8PrivateKey : ReadOnlySpan<byte> * int -> unit
Public Overridable Sub ImportPkcs8PrivateKey (source As ReadOnlySpan(Of Byte), ByRef bytesRead As Integer)



The bytes of a PKCS#8 PrivateKeyInfo structure in the ASN.1-BER encoding.


When this method returns, contains a value that indicates the number of bytes read from source. This parameter is treated as uninitialized.


The contents of source do not represent an ASN.1-BER-encoded PKCS#8 PrivateKeyInfo structure.


The contents of source indicate the key is for an algorithm other than the algorithm represented by this instance.


The contents of source represent the key in a format that is not supported.


The algorithm-specific key import failed.

A derived type has not overriden this member.


This method only supports the binary (BER/CER/DER) encoding of PrivateKeyInfo. If the value is Base64-encoded or in the PEM text format, the caller must Base64-decode the contents before calling this method.

Because algorithm-specific support is required to interpret the contents of this data format, ImportPkcs8PrivateKey throws a NotImplementedException by default.

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